Okinawan Folk Songs

We release Okinawan Folk Songs CD album, Welcome to “ SHIMAUTA” World 2016~Folk Songs from OKINAWA・MIYAKO・YAEYAMA., for promotion.

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Welcome to “ SHIMAUTA” World 2016~Folk Songs from OKINAWA・MIYAKO・YAEYAMA.

Directed by Kazufumi Miyazawa

Traditional songs that have been transmitted primarily through oral means are known as minyo in Japan – the rough equivalent of the “folk song” in English. Minyo can be found everywhere in Japan, but Okinawa and the other Ryukyu Islands – the chain of islands that stretches from southern Kagoshima Prefecture to Okinawa Prefecture’s Yonaguni Island – boast an unparalleled number of minyo, or shimauta (“island song”). These songs are characterized by their wide variety, ranging from didactic songs to love songs, to those sung by immigrants, those sung in wartime, and so on. In every age, they have depicted the lives of the ordinary people who inhabit the times, from their own perspectives. This is why listening to these shimauta is an excellent way to get to know the Ryukyu Islands – more informative, perhaps, than reading history books. This collection showcases time-honored songs from Okinawa Island, Miyako Island and the Yaeyama Islands, all performed by top singers of our times. We hope you appreciate the melodies and their inflections, as well as the differences in the language – but above all, we hope you appreciate them for the beautiful music that they are.

7 Singers:Shuken Maekawa, Kikou Miyaguni, Hiromi Kinjou, Shinobu Matsuda, Tatsuya Shimabukuro, Hirara, Mayuko Higa

12 Songs

Song Title Singer Song Title Singer
1 Yoo Kana Yoo Tatsuya Shimabukuro 7 Harikuyamaku Shuken Maekawa
2 Koina Yunta Hiromi Kinjou 8 Asadoya Yunta Hiromi Kinjou
3 Irabu Togani Kikou Miyaguni 9 acchagwa/Yambaru Tiimatu Tatsuya Shimabukuro
4 Takouyama Shuken Maekawa 10 Sagi Chijuyaa Shinobu Matsuda
5 Kumou Bushi Mayuko Higa 11 Harimizu nu Quicha Kikou Miyaguni/Hirara
6 Sah Sah Bushi Shinobu Matsuda/Tatsuya Shimabukuro 12 Tsuku nu Kaisha Mayuko Higa

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